About Harriet & Sanders

Harriet & Sanders: Crafting Excellence in British Design

Founded in the historic city of York in 2016, Harriet & Sanders has quickly established itself as a beacon of craftsmanship and innovation in the British design industry. This boutique firm, born from the collaboration of two passionate designers, Harriet Clarkson and Michael Sanders, specializes in bespoke interior design and architectural services, blending traditional British aesthetics with contemporary flair.

The duo, Harriet and Michael, each bring their unique expertise and vision to the table. Harriet, with a background in fine arts and interior design, contributes an eye for detail and a flair for blending colors and textures. Michael, an architect by training, adds depth with his structural vision and innovative use of space.

At Harriet & Sanders, every project is a journey of collaboration with clients. The firm prides itself on its personalized approach, ensuring that each design reflects the individual style and needs of the client, whether it’s a cozy home renovation, a commercial redesign, or a new architectural venture.

What sets Harriet & Sanders apart is their commitment to sustainability and the use of locally sourced materials. They have pioneered several initiatives to incorporate eco-friendly practices in their designs, resonating with a growing audience who values environmental consciousness in their living and working spaces.

Their portfolio showcases a wide range of projects, each bearing the signature blend of elegance, functionality, and sustainability. From quaint country homes to modern urban apartments, Harriet & Sanders have left an indelible mark on a variety of spaces across the UK.

In addition to their design services, Harriet & Sanders are active contributors to the UK design community. They regularly host workshops and seminars, sharing their knowledge and passion for design with both aspiring professionals and the general public.

As they continue to grow and evolve, Harriet & Sanders remain dedicated to their vision of bringing innovative, sustainable, and personalized design solutions to their clients, further cementing their reputation as leaders in the British design landscape.